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How Hungry Are We For Attention?

I admit that I’ve been a fan of American Idol since season 2.  I’m amazed at how the auditioning process has grown and the number of people who believe they have talent.  As season 6 progresses and the controversy continues about one of the final twelve I reflect back to the weeks when they showed the auditions of Idol hopefuls.  Let’s fact it, there are some people in this world who shouldn’t even sing in the shower.

 What caught my attention the most was the number of bad singers who believed they could be the next American Idol.  After hearing that there are four auditions prior to getting before the panel of judges or on television there has to be an underlying motivation for these folks.  I believe that everyone in this world wants to be known.  I’m not saying that we all have to be in the tabloids, but there is an innate need, maybe it’s biological, to not be anonymous.

 If the individuals who lack talent are willing to emotional sacrifice themselves for the short spot of notoriety is that okay?  Have we created a society that prevents us from getting to know one another?  How hungry are these individuals that they are willing to put their dignity and self-respect and at the same time open themselves up to ridicule..I’d say pretty hungry!

 Are there other ways for these folks or for that matter for each of us to get fed so that we don’t have to sacrifice ourselves just to be known?

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Are People Really Disposable?

I just returned from a vacation to the Mexican Riviera.  Our second stop was in Mazatlan, a beautiful city but there’s a problem with the system used to lure tourists to the tour guides.  Upon departing from the boat a shuttle takes you to the building where you can arrange for taxis  and other tours.  One of the interesting things when you get off the shuttle is that there is astro turf on the ground and the tour employees are not allowed to go beyond the limits of the turf.

 When I declined the offer of the tour employees one tour representative yelled out that we (the tourists) should stop and listen to their pitch as if it were an obligation.  After thanking him again and declining his offer he made a rather nasty comment.  I informatively brought to his attention that his tone nor his comments were probably the best way to attract customers.  His response was a surprise, he told me that it didn’t matter what I thought because there were a hundred people right behind me who he could try and lure into his space.

 Are we really disposable?  As a pilgrim in this world I work at treating each person with dignity, that’s why I kindly declined his offer, but to be verbally assaulted while this individual has a tantrum was saddening.  As I look back I can see his desparation at making a living, but as he pointed out to me I was not the only candidate he would approach that day.  The interaction could have been very civil, even friendly.  As a visitor to a tourist destination I hope that he reflects on his approach and that tourists get to see him and his city in a positive manner.