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Humanity and Our Habitat

We’re all concerned about the environment.  There’s lots of discussion about global warming, drilling for oil, wildfires that strip the forested areas and a whole host of other natural disasters that impact the physical environment we live.  We also know that many of the environmental factors have had an impact on our health and not in a positive way.  Those are all tangible things that we don’t have complete control over…so what do we have control over?

Our physical environment where we live we do have control over.  There’s a lot we can do that will increase our wellness related to the physical environment of our homes.  Aside from the obvious like fresh air, and water purification we have the physical layout of our homes.  Taoism focuses on the premise of “Go with the flow”.  There is no place we see this clearer than in the practice of Feng Shui. 

Creating an atmosphere where energy flows uninhibited could be one way to improve your quality of life.  When things flow and there are no obstructions, just like in the body, we achieve greater efficiency in how we live and work. 

What does your home say about how you take care of yourself?  Is it full of clutter and disorganization?  Is it overwhelming to consider the work that needs to be done that you don’t have either the energy or the funds for? 

How can you create a home environment that is stimulating, inviting, caring, and supportive.  These are all qualities that reinforce the positive outcomes when facing any illness.  Think about what one thing you can do to create a more harmonious home.  When you living environment is nurturing it’s a great place to recharge your battery and you face the challenges to achieve optimal health.