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How Much Attention Can You Stand!

Imagine being the focus of everyone’s attention.  It might not be overwhelming if there are two or three people in the room, but what if there are thousands like at a sporting event?  How much focused attention would you be able to soak in and not be ashamed, embarrassed, overwhelmed and simply felt joy?

John Beltzer gives that opportunity to children with serious illness.  He has created an organization that creates individualized, personalized one-of-a-kind songs for kids with serious illness.  The organization Songs of Love,, was featured on television and immediately made my mind begin racing about the possibilities for life enhancement beyond the traditional therapies.  Having a song that focuses on you, your gifts and talents and the love you bring to others would be the best shot in the arm anyone could ever receive.

As pilgrims it’s important to find others who support us in our mission.  At the same time it is important that we support those who bring a smile, laughter or temporary relief from strife into our lives.  It’s not often that Sherpas make themselves known in everyday life so when they do take advantage of the gifts they have to offer.