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What’s Your Lineage?

I was listening, inadvertently, to two women talking.  One was receiving treatment for cancer and the other was the spouse of someone receiving treatment.  They were engaged in a lively discussion…I thought that was encouraging.

Both women were older, but the older of the two made a bold statement.  She said that her father instilled in them that you always need to have a positive outlook otherwise how can you attract good.  Her father was ahead of his time given all the recent talk about the “law of attraction”.  The other women seemed discouraged and didn’t have that belief system…she seemed to be getting by.

Ever wonder what messages are part of your family legacy?  I don’t think we often consider our “values lineage” or “tribal beliefs”.  It’s not until we face a huge challenge that we revert to these primal familial strongholds.  Being able to identify them and utilize these beliefs like the women whose father encourage thinking positive may not have been a daily practice, but I believe it is now.

My hope for the other woman is that a seed is planted about the power of having faith and looking for hope around every corner.  These are the times that I believe is serendipity.  Were these two women destined to meet so that one could impart wisdom to the other?  Did the discouraged woman in her heart make a universal call for hope?  We’ll never know but these two women created a sacred space to discuss some of life’s big challenges and I was a witness to the process.