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Whatever Happened to the Divison Between Church and State?

It’s not a secret that I am not a big fan of the current President’s administration.  It’s not a surprise that working in the field of psychosocial healthcare for twenty years I have some pretty strong opinions about science, technology and the possibilities for eradicating disease.  That’s why I was and still am gravely disappointed that the President isn’t able to see beyond the tip of his nose.

When the President vetoed this weeks bill for expanded funding for stem cell research I felt like he was and is playing God with people’s lives.  Who gives him the right to decide who will live and who will die based on the limited funding for advances in treatment.  If a member of his family was faced with a health crisis would he still stand by his decision?

Why is it that the President has the authority to overrule the hundreds of thousands of millions of people in this country who could benefit from the research outcomes that need funding?  Are we so weak that we can’t raise our voices and have a louder voice than one man?  Are we really willing to roll over and literally play dead? 

I hope that we hold him accountable for the sentences he’s imposed on those with life-altering illness that would benefit from the research dollars.  I hope that he is burdened with denying Americans the chance at hope of new treatments to save lives.