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It’s Time for the Great Shift!

Being rational is something I work at in my daily practice.  I am sometimes knocked off center when something hurts my heart and I immediately react as I did in my previous entry about the President and his recent veto.  When I have some time to digest how I feel about what happened and the man who evoked such emotion from me I realize that the greatest thing I can do is to make a big internal shift.

When I allow myself to get in touch with the core issue, then I can make more soulful decisions about how to reply to the situation.  Don’t get me wrong I still believe his decision was wrong but when it comes down to it I’m not really angry at him.  Instead I’ve made a conscious shift and this shift is much more productive for my psyche.

The shift is from anger to sadness and pity.  I have a deep sadness that someone is so self-consumed that they can’t see the bigger picture.  It saddens me that in our great age of technology individuals feel they have the right or authority to tie the hands of those who have the talent, intelligence and will to devise new strategies in the sciences.  I feel pity because the real measure of a person’s character is their ability to see beyond themselves. 

We are all connected and not understanding or believing that evokes pity for the individual who is wrapped up in their little box.  When I make the conscious shift to sadness and pity I am able to be clearer about my options.  I am more eloquent in sharing my thoughts and feelings.  Most of all when I shift from anger I am not burning energy by spinning my wheels.  The shift gives me focus and direction to continue my pilgrim’s journey.