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Small Changes May Have Big Results

Having just entered 2008 many of us have made New Year’s resolutions.  We know that many of us will be drifting away from our resolutions just about now, the average is about two weeks.  What if you’re ability to control your health came is small, easily digestible changes to your daily routine.  You may be laughing but it’s true and not difficult to make part of your daily routine…I’m talking about drinking tea.

 Research is increasingly showing us that drinking green tea has health benefits.  I know we live in a coffee culture, believe me I’m one of the many that loves coffee, but the research seems to be growing about the health benefits of green tea.  It’s not only the tea itself but the ritualistic nature of drinking tea that I believe adds to its healing properties.

Coffee seems to be an on-the-go type of beverage.  In many homes and businesses it’s always brewed or brewing.  Tea on the other hand requires you to stop for a moment to prepare the tea and then a couple of minutes waiting for it to steep.  Finally after the tea is ready there is an inclination to drink tea more leisurely reducing stress and giving you a moment to center yourself and then proceed with your day.

If you look at the Japanese tea ceremony, it’s centered around the ceremonial experience.  It takes time.  It is connected to visiting with others.  All of these components, ceremony or ritual, spending time with others and the natural healing properties of the green tea add up to health and healing.  It’s a small change with the potential for a huge payoff.  Aren’t you willing to add momentum to your healing process by drinking green tea?