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Manage Your Energy

We all need to remember that even when we’re healthy we have a limited amount of energy.  Each person needs to keep in mind those things that drain our energy.  It’s important to look at people, jobs or situations that leave us feeling like a wet noodle.  This becomes an even bigger issue for those of us facing life-altering health issues.  Knowing your limits and staying within those limits is a key factor to maintaining your health.

We need to look at our energy as a precious commodity.   That means when considering how to spend your enegy you give it great consideration and thought.  You wouldn’t take a thousand dollars and just throw it away unless you have more money than you know what to do with…the same is true with your energy. 

The other part about managing your energy is the need to replenish those resources.  If we don’t think about how to rejuvenate our energy resources we’ll personally be in the same pickle that planet is in regarding fossil fuels.  Without replenishment we will hit a bottom that many won’t be able to bounce back from.

 Why put yourself in that position?  Why not manage your energy the way a hedge-fund manager manages billions of dollars.  More importantly why don’t we manage our energy like it’s a precious gift.  Yes, when we’re feeling good energy expenditure is great because it has a return on investment in good feelings and great memories.  It’s when we’re feeling bad and we expend needless energy that we are put in a danger zone.

Always consider your options and keep yourself energy efficient, physically, emotionally and spiritually.