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Happy Heart

Good news for our hearts, this week it was announced that death due to heart attack and stroke is down 26% since 1999.  There are lots of factors that account for this change.  We have new medications, we’re getting patients treatment faster, people have made lifestyle changes including diet and exercise.  I believe there are other factors involved such as the awareness and self-love people experience and begin to express after being told they have cardiac issues.

 When the doctor gives you the news about the condition of your health you stand at a crossroad.  The decision at that moment is not about whether or not you’ll have a heart attack, but do you love yourself enough to change your lifestyle.  Are you willing to stand still for a moment and ask yourself the hard questions about what are you meant to accomplish with your time on this earth.  Often it takes these defining moments for people to surrender to the honest revelations they’ve been hiding for years. 

Your heart becomes happy when your true nature is validated and honored.  You build a healthy heart by developing the capacity to love and to give to others.  I always think of the Christmas special “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.  The Grinch had a redefining moment that changed his life forever.  The same is possible for all of us.  It’s obvious that individuals are asking themselves what factors play into the destruction of the heart and once you know, how can you ever go back to being oblivious.

The news about heart health is encouraging because it can be a precursor to what’s available to those with other illnesses.  New research and medications are on the horizon.  More of us are turning to alternative health practitioners to add an boost to our allopathic medical treatments.  It’s viewing the body as a whole, not separate parts that brings the heart the support it needs to become stronger and that’s a lesson for all of us.