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Overcoming Self-Sabotage Increases Healing

We are all powerful beings.  The neuropsychologists and neurologists have long reported that we use only a small part of our brain capacity…Imagine what we could accomplish is we used more of our brain power?  Keeping that in mind let’s consider the choices we make when overcoming adversity.  How many times have we started to get better, do better at work, with our relationships, following our passion and then we get derailed?  How many times, if we look deep within do we find that we are the cause of the derailment?  It’s not something we should wear as a badge of courage, but the truth is the truth.

Last night I was talking with a client about her relationship issues.  We’ve been focusing on her anger since separating from her husband.  The anger isn’t what concerned me; it was her sharing that her auto-immune disease is starting to rear its ugly head.  I’d also be concerned.  I know that when I’m having a flair, I need to be still and look at what I’m holding on to and what’s holding on to me.

When I sit still, I can center myself and begin to acknowledge the ways I haven’t been my own best friend.  It’s a difficult thing to sit with, but as I do I re-connect to myself and understand that I shouldn’t be my own biggest obstacle.  There are many people and challenges that can feel like opposing forces to my wellness; I should not reinforce that energy.  I should be my own protector.  I should be my own advocate.   I need to always be my own best friend.

How will you identify your self-sabotaging actions?  What will it take for you to become your own best friend?  What resources do you need to make that happen?  How can I help?