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Creating Filters to Improve Health

What gets to you?  Why does it get to you?  How does it get to you?  We all have things in our lives that are triggers for self-deprecating thoughts and behavior.  We all have those moments of doubt that prevent us from keeping focused on our primary objective, getting well.  The more I speak with those facing life-altering health issues the more I hear people lament that their filters have become open like flood gates and they become overwhelmed.

Having a working filter is crucial to improving our health.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that I began thinking about this yesterday while working on an art project.  I’m working with lace and while at the fabric store I kept putting my hand behind the lace to see the pattern.  My attention finally turned to seeing the size of the holes in the lace and what would get through if I painted over it.  This led me to thinking about what do I allow to get through to my psyche that distracts me from focusing on my health.

If we’re looking at our filters then we have to consider the size of the holes in our emotional and spiritual strainer.  We have to set the parameters so that only what we want to get through actually does.  If love and support need to get through how do you guarantee that it doesn’t get trapped outside your filter?  If information and education about your health is critical to making good decisions how do you invite this information to get through?  We need to find ways of the things we need to get past the velvet ropes that are meant to keep the undesirables out.

I can share with you that this process is a trial and error effort.  We don’t automatically set the filter and bingo we’re set to receive only the important things in our lives.  Overwhelmingly it is going to take commitment, awareness and perseverance to set the filters to match your needs.  Remember we’re talking needs first and wants second.  When we take care of our needs we have more resources and energy to expand further down the line creating options and opportunities to keep our heath in the foreground.  What will you do today to begin setting your filters?