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Believe In What You Believe

The media, the clergy, our families and friends all want to tell us what we should believe about our health.  If I were to recount all the journal articles, discussions with doctors and other health personnel, lectures and the books I read I’d never make a decision based on my own values.  When we live and act according to our beliefs our stress level goes down.  We’re able to make better decisions because it’s a more natural process.

I was listening to Colorado Public Radio and they were discussing a new book about Governor Carr.  The comment that caught my attention was that he wasn’t very well liked.  He supported the Japanese Americans during WWII.  That made him very unpopular.  It cost him a US Senate election.  The commentator noted that he’s the kind of politician we’re looking for today.  A person who doesn’t put his finger in the air to decide which way the wind is blowing in order to make a decision.  At least the people in the state knew what they were getting.

My hope for you is that you have a solid foundation in what you believe.  This is one of the reasons that advanced directives for healthcare are so important.  It allows you to make decisions based on your beliefs even if you’re unable to, that’s a blessing.  It gives you the opportunity to remain in control of your life.  One word of caution…when selecting someone to be your healthcare proxy make sure they believe the same things you do and will truly honor your wishes.

Beliefs are powerful.  Living according to our beliefs creates soul stamina because it builds inner strength.  When others challenge your beliefs take them on and stand up for yourself.  I’d love to hear how you stand to defend your beliefs…let me know and we can continue the conversation.