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Helplessness, Powerlessness, Frustration

Helpless, powerless and frustrated don’t have the magic touch like the 3 Stooges.  Unfortunately, the trio is often experienced following an illness diagnosis.  It can be a dark place, but it’s important to know that they are the cues to attaining wellness.

Helplessness often leaves people victimized.  How will you reframe this experience?  What can you do that will empower you on your journey to wellness?  What can you do for yourself?  When I think of someone being helpless the vision I get is a wet dishrag.  It’s something that just hangs and has no structure or stature of its own.  It’s important that you find a way to create structure because being in action alleviates helplessness.

Powerlessness is in relation to the control you have over your body.  Many believe they were powerless in developing the illness, but that’s where the powerless needs to stop.  Empowerment has to be the goal.  What is within your grasp both physically, emotionally and spiritually that will springboard you to health.  How can you take control of your treatment decisions both medically and holistically.  You have choices you get to make regarding the food you eat, the amount of rest you get and the amount of stress you take on.  Those are powerful abilities.  It’s like being an illness superhero.

Frustration runs rampant following your diagnosis.  Waiting on the automated receptionist phone lines is enough to send you over the edge.  Finding ways to manage your stress is important.  Developing contacts that will give you access to the answers you need is important.  This is one of those instances where there is a direct correlation between who you know and lowering your frustration level.  Is there a nurse or case manager that can help you expedite appointments or prescriptions?  Do you have a regular representative helping you at the insurance company to answer questions or process claims?  Do whatever it takes to release the frustration.

Any other tips you may have please share…we’re always looking for inventive ways to depose helplessness, powerlessness and frustration.  The goal is to promote health by eradicating those emotions that interfere with your journey to wellness.