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Mind-Body-Spirit…Who’s In Control?

We all talk about the importance of a mind, body, spirit connection and the impact it has on healing and wellness.  If you read the titles in the bookstores you’ll often see that there is a competition as to which of the three should take the lead.  Don’t you think it’s a cultural thing?  Depending on your belief system, values and upbringing the order of importance may change.

Getting information is crucial but intuition plays a big part in decisions regarding healthcare, treatment and wellness.  Where am I going with all this?  I believe that the brain informs and then the heart makes the decision.  We’d like to think we’re totally rational beings, but think about most of your recent conversations and how emotional did they get, either in the workplace or your personal life?

Our heart, our intuition, our emotions drive the train.  They color how we interpret the information we gather and that allows us to be empowered.  Going against the grain, rubbing the wrong way phrases we hear when we are out of alignment with our heart.

How do you make decisions?  What’s your process?  Do you listen to your heart and how does it influence your decision making process?   Share your stories and let’s talk!