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Life Lessons from Determined Individuals

Part of my morning routine along with feeding the dogs and drinking coffee is watching the start of Good Morning America.  It’s amazing the tidbits I hear about new treatments, clinical trials and even simple life lessons.  Today is one of those days.  Chris Cuomo (son of former NY Governor Mario Cuomo) shared a news story about a 12 year old boy names Levi Johnson.

Levi Johnson was born with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), a devastating lung disease.  Most parents would shelter their children from any chance at infection and the child would be fairly insulated physically and socially.  Levy achieved a phenomenal achievement.  He won 2nd place in a National Bull Riding competition.  That’s not just great for someone with CF, it’s amazing for any kid his age.

I began thinking about all those I work with who have some type of chronic or life threatening illness and began counting all the self-limiting stories we all tell ourselves about what’s possible.  What if you had someone in your life who would encourage you, support your or simply challenge you to get out their and keep riding (metaphorically)?  What is it that you want to do and what’s stopping you?

It’s clear that not all of us even when healthy would have been able to achieve what Levi achieved, but there is something in your world that is equally as important to you that’s waiting for you to begin.  Hopefully it’s something just outside your reach so you have to stretch a bit, but it’s doable.

If nothing else take a lesson from this 12 year old boy…get back on your own bull and keep riding.  The limitations we impose on ourselves can be more harmful (especially emotionally and spiritually) than the disease itself.

Let me know what you’re going to tackle and let’s see how we can support you!!!!!