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Can Life be Finite and Infinite Simultaneously?

Life is full of dualities, I guess that’s what makes it so interesting.  We go through various stages throughout our lives that come with its own set of questions about life and longevity.  Adolescents believe they’ll live forever causing some very bad decisions.  Adults reach a point where they have fewer years to live than they’ve lived bringing up issues of mortality.  There are no easy answers so how is life finite and infinite at the same time?

Working with clients facing health challenges for over twenty years I’ve been privy to many individuals tug-o-war with these issues.  I hear lofty goals that even with good health would probably seem daunting and yet there is this urge or drive to accomplish, accomplish, accomplish.  I ask my clients to do the 168 hour exercise.  There are only 168 hours in a week, no more no less.  If you start with the number 168 at the top of the page and begin deducting the number of hours you spend on specific activities you’ll eventually come up with a number that is what you have in the bank for additional activities.  Remember that you have to deduct the number of hours you sleep, work, run errands, etc.  It’s surprising how fast we gobble up the hours.

This brings us to a deeper question, “How effectively are you using the 24 hours we call today?”  Just like the 168 hours in the week, we’re blessed with a mere 24 hours in each day.  We don’t get to stretch out the time, add to it or create more time.  Each day is finite and each day is a perishable commodity, once it’s gone you can’t recapture the time.  With that in mind begin to ask yourself if you’re using your 24 hours as effectively as you can or as effectively as you would like.  Are there things you feel you’re doing that are robbing you of increasing your physical, emotional and spiritual stamina?  Are you feeding your body, mind and soul the highest quality nutrition it deserves?

This isn’t about judging whether or not your actions are good or bad.  Whether you are facing a health challenge or not, every day counts.  When faced with a health challenge you have activities that will eat up more of your time so with the time you have left, how are you living your life?  If you are living your life mindfully there is an experience of the infinite.  Each moment of the day can be filled with wonder and amazement.  Simplicity becomes the thing you cherish most because it holds the bounty for achieving healing and wellness.

There is no potion that will allow us to live forever and whether or not there is a fountain of youth remains to be seen.  The Universe gives us daily, weekly and annual parameters that can’t be changed.  The only thing that you can change is how you spend those hours, days, weeks, months and years.

Are you utilizing your 24 hours to the best of your ability?  What would make it easier to capture the magic of the day?  What would bring you peace so that you can cherish what really matters?  How will you that carry over to your next 24 hours?