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When you were in school did you ever take an egg carton and plant seeds?  I can recall going to the egg carton, sitting on the window sill, everyday waiting for that small bit of green to peak through the surface of the soil.  The day germination was visible was always an exciting time because it represented potential (at least that’s the meaning I give it as an adult).

The question for today is how long does it take for relationships to germinate?  I know you’ve had thousands or hundreds of thousands of interactions with people over the course of your life and you still wonder when or if someone will reach out.  This question becomes even more pertinent following the diagnosis of a health challenge.  It can be lonely facing  a chronic of life-threatening illness and just like when you were a kid you internally search your soul waiting for that bit of green to come through the soil.

As you’ve probably guessed planting the seed is always the first step.  Sometimes plants send roots down before sending the stem up, proving germination has happened.  The roots or the foundation of your relationships is just as important as what it yields.  So why this discussion?  Yesterday I received two phone calls from people in my artist guild.  I’ve been a member for over six years and this is the first time anyone has called.  Yes, I just completed my terms as President of the organization so my profile was a bit more pronounced, but I guess that’s about planting the seed and allowing the roots to grow.

Yesterday I experienced germination!  I must say along with surprise was glee.  One of the callers just called to tell me about a magazine she thought I’d enjoy because we’re both drawn to artful magazines for inspiration.  We talked about a host of topics but it came down to someone spent time and energy to let me know they were thinking of me.  I would imagine there are a host of physical attributes that kicked into gear following the call, but overall it made me feel connected.

Feeling connected, especially during a time of your life when you may feel the most isolated is as medicinal as any medication in your cabinet.  It’s reinforces that feeling that you’ve made your mark not only on the world, but on the heart of another person.  Can you think of anything more uplifting and life affirming than that?

What seeds are you planting?  How will you know when germination has taken place?  What does it mean to your health to experience the germination of relationships?