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Spring brings thunderstorms across the nation.  When lightning becomes an issue there are lots of stories on the news about how to stay safe under these harrowing circumstances.  Every so often there’s a story about someone struck by lightning who survives; isn’t that a miracle.  How did you handle your jolt?  When the doctor calls and wants to see you in their office the skies start to rumble.  By the time you get to their office the skies are gray and the thunder is rumbling and then it happens; the doctor gives you the news and you’re hit by a lightning bolt.

The news disrupts all natural function in your brain…for a moment your fried.  One of the key factors to dealing with lightning is to make sure your body is grounded so that the jolt passes through you and although frightning once the initial shock is over the real work begins.  The real work is health and healing.  The real work is keeping yourself as mindful of your physical, emotional and spiritual health so you keep you mind, body and spirit in balance. 

What has happened to you since the jolt.  Many people I’ve interviewed over the years say the jolt was the ultimate reality check.  It got them to begin asking questions that don’t focus on what they do, but who they are.  They have begun to ask themselves how can they be of service to their family and community.  Questions about the roadsigns they missed along the way begin to surface and sometimes the reality of racing in an unconscious state is the wake-up call they needed to make the necessary shifts in their life.

Then there are those who throw caution to the wind and abandon their current life for the life they always wanted.  They take that list of 100 things to do before you die and begin making it a reality.  The great thing is that once those 100 are done you can create a  second list.  It’s the jolt that got them to move beyond complacency.  Living with gusto is important.  I’m sorry that a chronic or life-threatening illness was the jolt you received, but did it work?  Have you changed your life in any substantial way?  What are you going to do today to move out of complacency?  It will serve as a boost (versus a jolt) to your immune system and that’s always a good thing.