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What’s Your Message to the World

You were born with more than a body, you were born with a soul.  The soul has a mission and that mission is the guiding light by which you live your life.  I’ve met thousands of people over the past twenty years whose message has changed once they were diagnosed with a chronic or life-threatening illness.  It changed not because what they talked about necessarily changed, but how they talk about it has changed.  There is more meat behind everything they say.  The platform gets clearer and more easily understood by each and every person you meet.

It’s been said that the most memorable messages are those that come out of  “making your mess your message”.  Your health challenge is certainly a mess, but the message that emerges, maybe even erupts is like a having a new North Star.  There is a definite guiding principle for our life that you may not have had before the diagnosis.  This isn’t about debating if the diagnosis was a gift or not, but what happens when you become more authentic in your message. 

Yesterday’s post was about the jolt better known as your diagnosis.  When you get your jolt did your message change?  Did your level of gratitude increase?  Once the shock wore off, did you gain a sense of clarity that may have been just beyond your reach prior to the diagnosis?  What types of conversations do you have now and do they differ from the conversations you had before the diagnosis?  It’s not uncommon for the cocktail party talk to get thrown out the window.  It’s not necessary to keep the focus of every conversation on the diagnosis, but what about your definition of family.  What about how you want to improve the planet?  What about the education of your kids?

There are really important things to discuss in this world.  Do you have time to talk about the weather?  Your message is important and needs to be heard.  What are you going to do to get the word out?