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When Are You Most Yourself?

Ever feel like you have multiple personalities?  You have to be the strong fighter when facing your family and friends.  When you go to your doctor your become confused and anxious.  There’s a host of other scenarios and in each one you take on a persona either to make yourself feel better or make someone else feel better.  Do you really enjoy living like Sybil?  Living as a medical multiple personality is confusing and exhausting.  Do you even recognize yourself?

When you’re facing a chronic or life-threatening illness your identity once defined, by many, by their job, their parenting status, or their religious affiliation are now identified by all those plus your illness.  How do you balance all these sides of yourself?  Is it possible to be your true self in all or any of these arenas?  The big question you need to spend time contemplating is “When are you most yourself?”  This is the you that when you peel back all the layers the true you shines bright.  It’s the times in your life where there is a clarity of body, mind and spirit allowing for peace of mind.

Being your true self is effortless.  It’s the place in your soul where you can relax and enjoy the ease of living.  When you’re most yourself you have the opportunity to release what doesn’t serve you and that’s your decision, no one elses.  Having the capacity to be your true self puts others at ease because they aren’t responding to a made-up character.  They are responding to the most pure essence of your being.  They in turn are able to be themselves and that allows for the best of all relationships.

I encourage you to be not only the best you, but the most you.  Find that person within and life gets easier.  Experience that part of your being and boost your immune system and in turn your health and peace of mind.