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Ever Think of Rewriting Your Story?

We are born with a mission.  In our culture most of us don’t realize what our mission is until many years into the journey.  If that weren’t bad enough, for many once they understand their mission they are diagnosed with a chronic or life-threatening illness and the story automatically changes.  Can you imagine the nerve of the Universe intruding in on your story?  Did you ever begin to think about earlier chapters of your life wondering if you had taken a left instead of a right maybe you wouldn’t be in your current predicament?

Let me assure you that you can begin re-reading your story and it won’t change anything.  It’s a shame because you spent so much time on the past and now when you would like to rewrite history you aren’t afforded the opportunity.  However, you have every opportunity and every right to rewrite your present and future.  Rewriting the past is full of “what ifs'” and I’d like us to stay in the realm of “what’s next?”  Are you up to the challenge.

Fortunately there is no Pulitzer prize awarded for being the author or your own life.  There’s a potential for other awards if you write a memoir but we’ll get into that another time.  What will it take for you to rewrite your story?  Is there some predicament or scenario that has to present itself, aside from the illness before you’ll lay claim to your story?  How will we know you’re writing the story?  What are the parts of the story that are unique and could only belong to you?

It’s really amazing because rewriting your story can be as simple as saying “I’m done trying to please everyone” and that will have huge ramifications if you stick true to your script.   One simple line can change everything because everything in the world is interconnected.  If you do just one thing different, everyone around you has to do something different.  It’s simply the law of physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  You change one thing and the Universe will change with you…but you have to stick to it.  This is not a “one day event”.

Rewrite your story!  Be the Hero you are!  Don’t allow anyone to edit your story but you!  Be mindful of what you edit…don’t want to edit out any of the good stuff!  Be proud of the masterpiece before you that is your life!  Let me know how the writing is going.