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Constructing Reality

What’s real?  I’m sure this a question you asked yourself many times following your diagnosis of a chronic or life-threatening illness.  It’s an important question because living in the fog of “did this really happen” prevents you from creating a mind, body, spirit integration toward health and healing.  You first need to understand that you are not the cause of your illness.  Take the blame out of the equation.  What’s real are your feelings and experiences as you move forward on your journey to wellness.

Creating the capacity to develop a world that is peaceful is an important gift.  As you assimilate the information about your diagnosis you need to ask yourself seriously, “Do I really believe I live in a world that I didn’t construct?”  Remember, we’re taking the blame out of the equation so the construction of reality is about your actions and reactions.  It’s a testament to the dive into the dark giving you the capacity to shoot up to the light (no not “the light”).

Every experience comes attached to emotions and questions related to mortality, life purpose, and how can you communicate more authentically with the divine.  Your emotions can be used as a compass during those times when you feel blown off course.  It means that you will need to trust your emotions and allow the deeper questions to emerge and then answer them.  Developing the capacity to create a reality that is steeped in mindful examination will take you on the biggest odyssey you could ever imagine.

We’re not talking about the reality of the concrete.  This isn’t about can you arrange rides to the soccer game.  The reality is related to your sense of inner knowing.  You may be wondering how that which is less than concrete is real and the answer is simple…because you make it so!  Constructing a reality that is honest will propel you forward on your quest for health and healing.  This is one of those times when you’re being asked not to take the easy way out.  You are being invited to explore with the protection of a force greater than you or your illness.