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Soul Survival of the Fittest

Did Darwin have it right about natural selection?  Is it possible that we not only evolve as a species but throughout our lives we evolve spiritually?  If that’s the case, then what is the catalyst for this remarkable evolutionary practice?  Is it possible to evolve spiritually within one lifetime or do we need to believe in reincarnation in hopes of evolving beyond our current state?

Yes, that’s a lot of questions to ponder but that’s not even the real question I want you to address.  The real question is, “Are you consciously participating in the evolution of your soul?”  It may take a moment for that question to sink in but when it does at first you may be overwhelmed and afraid because you’re probably looking for the “right” answer and unfortunately there is no “right” answer there is only “your” answer.  “Your” answer is the right answer for where you are on your current journey.  When facing a chronic or life-threatening illness you’re thrust into chaos.  Chaos can be a great motivator but it doesn’t come without lots of hard work.

I’ve had many discussions with people over the years about how they have chosen to evolve as people and as spiriutal beings.  As Robert Frost says so eloquently, it’s “The Road Less Traveled”.  Do you ever wonder why we wait for catastrophe to occur before opening our mind, our hearts and our souls to the belief in possibility?  It’s not only about creating a soul that evolves through time, but being open to the evolutionary process and taking it in with wonder.

At the start of your journey to wellness you may not have considered the impact the health challenge would have on your soul, but it’s impact has been huge.  It brought to the surface every insecurity and assumption you’ve been holding on to since birth.  It serves as notice that as humans we are merely specks in the cosmos.  The truth is that every speck counts and that’s why participating in the evolution of your soul is paramount to living a “good life”. 

You have a tremendous opportunity to participate in one of the Universe’s greatest journeys.  If you are participating in the evolution of your soul, then you have been given the gift of a miraculous journey to the center of your being.  You will evolve to a state of authenticity that few even know exists.  Yes, the health challenge is not ideal, but participating in the evolution of your soul will give you insight into your purpose and your mission and that’s something that will direct all of us for years to come!