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The Tough Decisions

Welcome to Caregiver Friday!!!

Doing right can be a difficult thing.  At times it requires self-sacrifice and unpopular decisions, but in the end what’s in the best interest of the patient is what’s crucial.  Is it possible to be a caregiver/wellness partner and extract your ego from the process?  Are we as humans capable of making decisions that reflect the greater good and not reflect on your character?  Most of the time I try to offer solutions or resources but today I’m hoping that you stop long enough in your caregiving capacity to ask these difficult questions.

I believe that intuition can play a huge role in our decision making process, but what happens when you intuition has been tainted by guilt or exhaustion?  Walking around in an emotional, spiritual, possibly even financial altered state is not the place from which to make decisions about care.  It’s unfortunate when we get in the way of the process because we’ve lost hope that providers can make a difference.  Hope is a quest and if you haven’t found it with your current provider find another; it’s not like they’re in short supply.

I’m feeling particularly sensitive to this issue because in the back of my mind I’m playing or calculating the odds.  What if something goes wrong that could have been prevented?  Are we ready to assume responsibility to the jumping off the cliff?  What would that jump look like and how would it impact the rest of your life?

I think this is like the confirmation process of a Supreme Court Justice, if you can defend your position clearly, truthfully and with depth of knowledge then go ahead and make the decisions for the person who relies on your for care.  If you are vacillating in any category just mentioned then leave the care/wellness to the experts.  Engage the experts to provide you with peace of mind.  Don’t let them off the hook so easily; they earn big money so make them earn every cent.  This is about keeping your side of the sidewalk clean.  If you’re able to do that then whatever happens although it may not end up the way you planned; your conscious will be clear and your soul will be at peace…because you did the right thing!