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Perfectly Imperfect

Why is it that we strive for perfection when in reality we’re not even sure it’s possible?  Perfection is a funny thing because for some it means chasing your tail for eternity and still never getting things exactly how you want them.  For others it’s striving for recognition of their worth, an external locus of control instead of an internal force, does that really work? 

We want to be perfect and yet nature won’t let it happen.  We’re all broken in some way, shape, or form.  We all have challenges that get in the way of us attaining perfection and yet we still strive for some external definition of something unattainable.  This sense of imperfection rears its head when the doctor delivered your diagnosis.  Shattered assumptions are a big bite to try and swallow and yet you try and do it in one gulp.  Even at the moment of perfection dissolution you try and do it perfectly.

What if you accepted your perfect imperfection?  Does it make you less of a person?  Does it mean you surrender any or all hope of getting well?  Does it create a stain on your perfect record of striving for perfection?  The truth is that accepting your perfect imperfection means that you move one step closer to wholeness, and wholeness in all arenas, physical, emotional and spiritual is the optimal definition of perfection.

The imperfection is not a flaw; often it’s an irregularity or a tangential part of our being.  Cells deviate from their assigned task, the mind gets stuck on a hamster wheel, the soul wanders aimlessly for what may seem like an eternity.  It’s about finding your way to the wholeness of the perfect imperfection.  Can you think of anything more healing than bringing the stray back into the fold?  Shamans for ions have been trying to accomplish this with soul retrieval.  Hal and Sidra Stone have been guiding people toward that end result through Voice Dialogue.  Spiritual leaders have been at the forefront of this mandate since the beginning of time.

Imperfection can be perfect if you allow it to be.  It can be the unifying force of the mind, body, and spirit.  It doesn’t have to be a death sentence; it can be the force that leads you to freedom!