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Light and Shadow

Light and shadow are two things artists take very seriously when creating a new piece of work.  It’s the aspects of the piece that give the work dimension adding to the complexity of the work.  Balancing the two gives us depth and punctuates certain aspects of the art.  It’s an interesting thing to play with not only in art, but in your everyday life.

When you’re faced with a chronic or life-threatening illness you get submerged in the dark, at least for a time.  The big question that bubbles to the surface is how do you bring light into your own picture?  How will you create an internal checks and balance system allowing your to elevate your spirit with light?

The first step is to know what brings light into your life.  Is it personal relationships, humor, or some form of ultimate self-expression?  It may be all or a combination of those, so use whatever you have in your life palette to let the shadows be where they belong; in the background.

Your life is the greatest masterpiece you will ever create.  Even if you don’t believe you have a creative bone in your body, believe that being a life artist counts.  It’s those moments when you make conscious decisions about what comes to the foreground and what stays in the background…those are big decisions.  It’s deciding when to highlight something as important; that’s an artistic decision.

Creating your personal life masterpiece is not difficult.  You do it on a daily basis but most of the time it’s like being on auto-pilot.  Take each day as a new canvas and decide what you want to showcase during the day.  Rembrandt was one of the artists that played with light in powerful ways; often against very dark backgrounds.  His skill at working with light gives power to each piece and draws you closer to the work.  That’s what happens in your life as well; when you exude light it draws those around you in closer.

Play with light and shadow in your own life and see what artistic masterpiece you can create.  It’s a great way to showcase who you are in the world and will garner tons of support from family and friends when you need the most, while facing a health challenge.