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The Power of Calm!

You live in a crazy world that is full of unknowns that lurk around every corner.  Many pride themselves on being frantic and chaotic as their natural state.  That may impress some and give you the energy you need to achieve lots of things, but does it feed your soul?  Are you able to focus on you when everything is whirling around like plates spinning in the air?  Are you coordinated and committed to the process of keeping everything whirling around no matter the cost?

That philosophy may have worked prior to your diagnosis, but following the diagnosis being in a state of constant chaos will rob you of the most important resource…your energy.  How many times have you heard stories about someone that is running on all pistons and when the project is completed they collapse from exhaustion.  It’s not the good kind of exhaustion because the accomplishment made others happy but didn’t give you any sense of peace.

When you are able to find a place of calm energy you will give yourself the greatest gift on earth; the ability to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul as you move toward wellness.  It’s important to remember that there is a differentiation between healing and curing and calm is definitely focused on healing.  It’s that place deep within where nothing is bad or sick.  The place of calm is the inner place of answers and more importantly more questions.  Being open to the questions and not running from them will keep you in that place of calm because you are befriending the questions that are showing up bring you those teachable moments (we talked about those yesterday).

There is enormous power in calm.  Having the capacity and the willingness to explore the calm is about shifting your perspective.  When facing a chronic or life-threatening illness any place of peace promotes wellness.  Providing yourself the opportunity to move in a positive direction means you are supporting your intention to heal.  The power of calm means that you will discard any and all things that aren’t relevant and will help you set priorities about what and who will reinforce your desire to heal.

Calm can be scary because it’s not something we’re taught to appreciate.  If you’re facing a life-altering health challenge then the place of calm is a safe haven as you wait for the storm to pass and you reach calmer seas.