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What’s the Next Thing?

In the past I’ve talked about how many of us sit around starting our conversations with the words, “If only…”.  Unfortunately that thinking tends to stir up resentments or remembrances of times gone by when you were healthy or healthier.  We can switch our thinking from “if only” to “what next” but I’d like to have you think about something a bit different.  ”What next” doesn’t take the request far enough so if you’ll indulge me just a moment we can begin our journey together.

Let’s extend the phrase from “what’s next” to “what’s the next thing”.  I want you to begin thinking about and creating what’s the next thing that will challenge you, infuriate you, or even inspire you.  We all have that one thing that is tugging at our shirt tails wanting our attention and once we give it the slightest acknowledgment it can become all-consuming.  Why do we do that?

When diagnosed with a chronic or life-threatening illness we’re always looking for the next thing that will save us.  What do we need saving for?  Do we need to be saved from ourselves, from a cell, or from something we can’t even identify?  I don’t have the answer on this one, what I do know is that it’s the next thing that’s waiting in the wings that can push you to personal greatness.  I’m not talking about the greatness that comes with having your name put on a building or winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  I’m talking about the greatness that comes with living your life to its fullest with the resources available to you at any given time.

They say that humans only use about 10% of their brain capacity.  I wonder what percentage of our emotional and spiritual resources we utilize at any given time to stir the pot and allow the next thing to emerge in all its glory with its challenges and rewards.  What do you have waiting in the wings and how will you invoke it to the foreground of your life?  How will you learn to use more of your personal natural resources that contribute to your health and healing?  How do you think you’ll feel when that next big thing emerges and you embrace it will all the rewards that come with living a full life?