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Pink Hands Speaks Volumes

Imagine having a group of people who supported you in a way you never imagined.  Imagine a group of people who understand the importance of bringing attention to the health challenge you’re facing…wouldn’t you feel special?  Well that’s exactly what 200 employees of Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon just accomplished.  A supplier of medical gloves created pink gloves to bring attention to breast cancer.  The employees of the hospital found a unique way to showcase the pink gloves to spark interest, conversation, and make a statement about breast cancer…they created a video.

The employees of the hospital didn’t create an informational video; they created a music video, you heard me…a music video.  They took two days to shoot the video and employees of all ages, all departments came together, choreographed the piece and then performed the work.  I heard about it on ABC’s evening news broadcast with Charlie Gibson, but yesterday I received it from a colleague so it’s making the rounds.  It’s entertaining and heartfelt.  It shows how much people you don’t even know are willing to support you as you continue on your road to health and healing.

This is the power of community.  Think of each and every breast cancer patient receiving care at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, wouldn’t you feel uplifted?  Don’t you think knowing you have all these people as cheerleaders for your health would serve as a catalyst for your body to light its own fire toward health?  This video punctuates the point that those who feel supported have less complications with adjustment to their diagnosis and are more compliant in their treatment.  Knowing that others are wishing you wellness every time you walk through the doors for treatment is an amazing feeling, they become part of your extended family.

I hope that you find a community that will support you in this way.  Support groups are certainly one way to accomplish this, but getting involved in organizations that support your specific health challenge is another way to feel included and supported.  This isn’t something to be taken lightly, it’s important that you have a network of ultimate supporters as your continue on your journey to wellness.