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A Fierce Belief

Why are we asked what we believe in ?  Is it to see if we actually believe in anything much less anything in particular?  Events happen in our lives and our beliefs are challenged.  I’m not sure if that’s comforting, but it’s a fact.  How can our beliefs help us when facing a chronic or life-threatening illness?

The simplest way is to have a fierce belief in what we can achieve together.  Following a diagnosis there is a question of belief and certainly of faith.  Knowing that as a community we can each create a reservoir of energy alleviates stress.  A fierce belief in support and understanding eliminates isolation and that prevents the pity party.  Doesn’t make sense to have a pity party if no one is going to come because everyone in your community wants the best for you.

Athletes are a great example of this philosophy.  Athletes that play on teams understand clearly and vigorously that they alone cannot beat an opponent.  It doesn’t matter how talented the athlete, one against many is a sure-fire way to lose the challenge.  Is that what you want for yourself when facing a health challenge, to be defeated before you have a chance to overcome the obstacle?

The other reason to have a fierce belief in what we can achieve together is because along the journey you may get weary.  When facing a chronic or life-threatening illness your team can set itself as a relay team.  It’s great to be able to pass the baton to someone who has the energy in any given moment who can carry the challenge one step further.  Obviously others can’t go through treatment for you, but they can hold the weight of the world off your shoulders for a while.

Over the past twenty years I’ve worked in community.  I’ve worked with others whose skills and passions complement one another allowing the client to benefit from our experience.  This was useful for those who didn’t have support systems on their own.  My recommendation is to become a recruiter.  Begin to scout those who can fulfill that fierce belief in what you can achieve together!