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From the Bible to Real Life

Welcome to Caregiver Friday!!

For centuries, scholars from around the world have been working tirelessly to interpret the Bible.  One of the big questions that has been used over and over in modern times is the question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”  It’s a great question and one that probably brings up a lot of feelings for you, especially now that you’re a caregiver/wellness partner, but it’s a question that’s important to ponder.

Actually I think all questions are important to ponder (I guess that’s my attempt at living in the question), but this question seems to strike a nerve for many and for various reasons.  The biggest is that most people feel it’s tough simply being responsible for themselves without having the responsibility of watching out for another.  Let’s take it one step further and ask, “Is it being my brother’s keeper, or are we interdependent as a species and brother keeping is really second nature or part of the cosmic consciousness?”

For some that question may ease their burdens and for others this puts them in the midst of the struggle.  Think of it like quicksand, the most you fight it, the more it will devour you.  What if you relaxed into it?  How would your life change as a caregiver if you didn’t feel resistance either from the person you’re caring for or from within?  That feeling of a tug-o-war is frustrating and doesn’t forward your personal mission of health and healing much less being a cheerleader and a catalyst for wellness for the patient.

I’m not sure how religious scholars interpret the “brother’s keeper” lesson, but it does bring up a lot of questions about morality, values, and our interconnectedness.  It punctuates the importance of having people in your life, even if it’s not a relationship about responsibility, but simply being connected (not sure how you can be connected but not responsible…leave that for another discussion).  Whether or not you feel as if you’re “your brother’s keeper” or not, there is a knowing about the journey to wellness that propels you to share your thoughts about the path to be taken, isn’t that “brother keeping”?