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Defy Gravity with Stephen Hawking

We learned about gravity and Sir Isaac Newton back when we were in school.  The lessons demonstrated why our feet stay firmly planted on the ground instead of having us float through the air like Casper the friendly ghost.  Gravity is an amazing thing and without it we’d be big trouble.

However, the pressure exerted on us from gravity is enormous.  The pounds per square inch of pressure puts a strain on the body; one we’re not even aware of unless you’re carrying around a lot of extra weight…then you feel it.  So why talk about gravity when I should be talking about healing from a chronic or life-threatening illness?

I believe that there is physical gravity and then there are other types of gravity.  The other types of gravity try to keep us grounded but often only serve to keep us trapped in the status quo.  During Diane Sawyer’s interview with the noted physicist Stephen Hawking, the video showed Hawking floating in space on a zero gravity flight.  Can you imagine what that must have meant to man who has spent most of his life in a wheelchair using machines to help him communicate?  Can you imagine for a moment the feeling of freedom he experienced in the zero gravity chamber?

Most of us can’t because we’re not trapped in our bodies, or better yet locked in our bodies, the way Hawking has been for years.  Following the diagnosis of an illness many do become trapped in their emotional or spiritual bodies and that is a difficult journey.  Feeling trapped in despair, depression, lack of faith, or feeling abandoned by God could leave you bound and held against your will.

The goal is to find those gravity free zones where you can express yourself authentically.  These gravity free zones give you the opportunity to explore new avenues of health and healing.  They offer you options to despair.  They provide you with the feeling of possibility.  Hopefully after seeing someone like Stephen Hawking float in the air you too will believe that you can overcome the restraints that are placed on your or have been self-imposed.

Give yourself the oasis of a gravity free zone and expand your horizons.  It will boost your immune system and that’s great incentive.