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BP-The Oil Spill and Health

We’ve been inundated with news from the Gulf since the rig exploded in April.  It is certainly one of the greatest disasters since the turn of the twenty-first century and the impact will be felt for years.  The original estimates were that the impact would last ten years.  Personally, I believe we’re looking at a twenty year minimum (I’m not a scientist, just a realist).  This is one of those times when I strongly urge you to watch the show, Life Without People, on the History Channel.  It talks about when man gets out-of-the-way; nature can resume its regularly scheduled programming.

My goal today is to reference this biohazard with the illness you may be facing.  I receive lots of studies and alerts about the impact of the oil seeping into the gulf, and it made me think about the “blob effect”.  Like the movie, The Blob, the stuff oozes and grows, much like many of you may be experiencing with your own illness.  Where is all this headed?  Once the event happens, in your case the diagnosis; it may be feel as if there are no options.  Even if you’re getting good medical care, it may not seem like enough.

What I’ve been amazed at while watching the news and reading the online dialogues are the numerous inventions, theories, and opportunities to stop the spill and begin the clean-up that we’re ignoring.  We don’t think the “average Joe” can solve the world’s greatest disaster, but sometimes it’s the easiest fix that changes the world.  In your own life this requires that you have a council of health and healing supporters that continuously brainstorm ideas for wellness.  They don’t have to be doctors or scientists because approaching healing with a beginner’s mind may be in your best interest.

Don’t follow the model used by those cleaning up the gulf.  Be creative.  Be ridiculous in your assumptions.  Be questioning.  Be yourself.  You’d be surprised at how the most innocent of comments or ideas can help pave the road to health and healing.