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Choreographing Your Life

Welcome to Art and Healing Wednesday!!

There are few reality shows that I enjoy and watch but So You Think You Can Dance is one that gets my attention.  They changed the show a bit this year so each contestant is dancing with an all-star from previous seasons.  When it comes time for the judging to take place, only the dancer in the competition is judged.  As a result of this change; they took half the number of contestants from past seasons.  So what does dancing and choreography have to do with health and healing…lots!

The idea that a choreographer can take a piece of music and interpret it in the body is amazing.  I have friends who are dancers and their movement is not only beautiful but it speaks volumes.  So how would a choreographer choreograph your story?  You may not believe you have a story worth telling but believe me you’re wrong.  Your story is vitally important to your own journey to wellness.  In addition, your voice is what makes you unique and this life is all about you being unique.

I believe moving the body is important.  I’m not much into exercise, but when I hear the beat of music my feet become possessed and my hips and arms start swinging because I’m interacting with my muse and my inspiration.  One of the amazing parts of my graduate education was the university’s commitment to starting the day with Body Prayer.  It was a sacred way to get the body moving so it could interact with the mind and spirit during our lecture and art classes during the day.

They changed the format, much to my dismay, but I knew that my body had to move to get the juices flowing in order to be at my intellectual peak during the day.  I would get up early each morning, take my iPod down the lane, put on some tunes and bop around the parking lot.  It gave me time to allow the body to slowly awake to the day and allow the vibration in my surroundings to become experiential.

You don’t have to be auditioning for Alvin Ailey or Twyla Tharp to know that movement awakens the spirit.  When your body is motivated it activates your immune system because it too needs to be awakened.  There’s nothing worse than a sleepy immune system, so begin considering how choreographing your life would invoke the creative energy you need and deserve for health and healing.  When you’ve answered that question get out in the middle of a field and get jiggy with it!!!!!