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Who Holds Your Magnificence?

I was at a lecture last night and one of the points the speaker presented was that when things get rough it’s important to have others who remember your magnificence.  I’m sure you thinking that you would be the most likely candidate to remember your magnificence, but since your diagnosis you may have been a bit distracted.  When you engage in treatment it’s easy to become overwrought with anxiety, sadness, or depression.  You may be dealing with anger or frustration, possibly even a lack of faith, so it’s easy to understand why your inner light may not be shining bright.

Having a team of supporters who not only support you physically, but emotionally and spiritually is important to your health and healing.  One of the great things about including people in your life is that they hold the memory of your relationship and that could be a real anchor to sanity, comfort, and love.  We automatically think that only those with a diagnosis that impairs memory requires someone outside of ourselves to hold the memory of our magnificence.  We’re not talking about remembering like when someone dies and you reminisce.  We’re talking about someone whose heart you have carved your name and they can reflect back to you how important you are not only to them, but the impact you’ve made on the world.

Why is this important?  It’s important because when overcome with tough emotional experiences or experiencing a gap in faith you may forget the past subtle nuances of your life.  It’s not a lack of memory; it’s about prioritizing your emotional and intellectual capacities to create a laser beam focus for wellness.  In addition, when you’re not feeling your best, it’s not incomprehensible to think that you may underrate your contributions to those in your life.  You may not feel you have anything to offer while you’re distracted, nor does anyone expect you to be the great entertainer.  Those around you want you to maximize your health and healing capabilities so that you can resume the most important thing in the world; your relationships and your magnificence in those relationships.