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So Many Colors, So Little Time

Welcome to Art and Healing Wednesday!!

I attended an art event on Monday evening.  It has been a monthly event over the past four years and Monday was the last show.  The artist started off as a sculptor and did some painting, but wasn’t very successful.  One day while at the art supply store he realized that he could buy four or five large boxes of crayons for the price of one tube of oil paint.  He’s been using crayons as his medium for years.  What came to mind when I heard this story was the number of colors in a box of Crayola Crayons; the possibilities are endless. 

Once I considered the crayon box I’ve been thinking about the other places in our lives where color shows up and makes its presence known.  The most prevalent place where color shows up is in our clothing.  Go into your closet and look around, what colors do you see?  How do these colors make you feel?  Do you wear certain colors when you’re experiencing certain moods?

Another place where color makes its presence known is in our homes.  Have you painted the walls in your house?  What color bedding do you have?  How about the pillows on your couch; what do they say about you?  See, color is all around you, I’m just wondering how you can expand its use to aid in health and healing.

When I do workshops I throw a box of 64 Crayola Crayons on the floor.  I ask each person to select the crayon that they are most attracted to, sometimes it’s their favorite color and for others it’s what caught their eye in the moment.  Once you have that color think about writing an intention with the crayon.  Once you have the intention for health and healing take note of the color.  Commit the color you’ve chosen to memory and then throughout the day whenever you see that color allow  it to spark the memory of your intention.  This will allow you to revisit your intention throughout the day and over the course of the week.

The more conscious you can make your journey to wellness the more engaged you’ll be and the more changes you’ll take note of on a daily basis.  Change the color whenever you feel necessary.  Don’t worry about how many colors you select because you’re using the color as a reminder, not as the intention itself.  It’s a way to activate your wellness energy. 

Color is powerful.  I hope you use it as a strong component on your journey to wellness.  Who knows maybe you’ll expand your use of color and allow it to play an important role in your treatment regimen.