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Life is a Moving Target

I want to thank all the advertising executives for their quick wit and easy to remember slogans because they often capture real life experience.  I caught a Target commercial and their tag line is, “Life is a moving target”.  Following a diagnosis of a chronic or life-threatening illness don’t you feel that way?  It’s as if you’ve been moving all your life and the sight caught you in its scope, fired, and you got hit.

What if we were to change the interpretation of the tag line and look at how it relates to your life post-diagnosis?  What is it about your life that would be like a moving target?  I’m sure for many of you the lab tech who can’t find a vein may make you feel that way, or being at the crappy end of a drug’s side-effect might cause that particular reaction.

So let’s shift the idea from what’s happening to you, to what you want to bring into your life.  It’s kind of like those games at the carnival where if you’re successful you get a plush toy as your reward.  What’s your reward for hitting a moving target?  Have you identified the moving target?

Maybe the moving target is the host of complementary therapies available and you finally hit upon one that has particular impact on your physical health.  Another way that you can play in this hit-or-miss scenario is to find inspiration in a book.  We all know that every book won’t hit the mark, but when you find one that does I bet you read it time and time again.

There are lots of other ways to engage the moving target story in your life and it falls across all arenas, physical, emotional, and spiritual.  There are a multitude of opportunities open to you so that you don’t have to be the target, but you are the one who has things cross your path. 

It’s these times when developing the capacity to shift how you perceive things will give you peace-of-mind.  It will help motivate you to take control over what’s possible and avoid the traps of negative emotions and negative energy.