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Nature Calls

Many ancient traditions respect nature.  Since the Industrial Revolution we’ve become a society more devoted to progress no matter the cost to our minds and souls.  What is it about nature that rejuvenates the spirit and offers solace in our heart?

Nature has been around longer than any other living energy on the planet.  It is through nature that many inventors have created things we’ve come to rely on and couldn’t live without.  Leonardo da Vinci created the parachute by watching birds is just one example of nature inspired inventions.  There are many lessons to learn from nature and following the diagnosis of a chronic or life-threatening illness you may feel the need to revert back to those simple and inspiring lessons.

The one things that comes to mind is the seasons.  We know that there are times of growth and times of rest.  There are times throughout the year when rejuvenation is primary like when bears hibernate through the winter.  We know that if we prune back trees and shrubs they grow back fuller and by getting rid of the dead branches the water and nutrients can be directed toward that which is alive and growing.

These are important lessons to learn because if this is how nature stays in balance, don’t you think this is how your body will stay in balance?  How much rest are you getting?  What do you do when you’re tired?  Do you keep running on empty or try to fool your body by feeding it Red Bull?  The only thing that achieves rest and rejuvenation is sleep; there are no substitutes.

What are you feeding your body?  Are you eating nutritious meals or do you believe the body should be able to create proper nutrients from a banana cream pie?  Processed foods wreak havoc on the body and following your diagnosis you should be giving your body every opportunity to replenish your cells with nutrients that will fortify your goal of health and healing.

Nature is right outside your door and there are plenty of lessons to learn if you take the time to observe what’s in front of you.  Yes, spending time in nature is restorative, but you can learn the lessons just as easily by watching how hard the ant on your patio is working or the perseverance of the bees in your garden.  Don’t take the obvious for granted because your life and your wellness depend on it!