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Where Does Wellness Reside?

I think about health and healing constantly.  I’m always reading, listening, and contemplating how those of us diagnosed with a chronic or life-threatening illness can invoke wellness.  I’m not thinking about invoking it like an incantation, but bringing it consciously into our lives so that we can activate all the positive energy we need to overcome any and all health challenges.

So where does wellness reside?  Is it something we find in a bottle or a book?  Is wellness in a meditation or supplement?  I guess it can reside in all those places, but overwhelmingly I keep coming back to the fact that wellness resides within each of us.  I remember when I worked at The Wellness Community and the doctors who supported the organization discussing how our cells have a memory of wellness.  If our cells have the memory of wellness then doesn’t that mean that wellness resides within?

As I sit here typing these words I think about that old movie, Fantastic Voyage (1966), where a submarine with scientists is injected into the bloodstream of a person.  I know this is far-fetched, but what if we could do it without the submarine; would that make a difference for you?  Well that’s what I’m thinking is possible and why wellness resides within!

If we’re brave enough and persevere, I believe that we can find those hidden pockets of wellness that lie deep in our bodies.  When we activate these pockets of wellness we can bring wellness into the light and aid us in achieving new levels of peace-of-mind.  It’s interesting because when we make the conscious decision to go within instead of finding a book, pill, or guru to aid in health and healing we access infinite resources.  When we access the depths of the well, we’re able to bring forth body, mind, and spirit to unite and take on any and all health challenges.

I hope you find where wellness resides within you?