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Missing Pieces

I’ve been in San Antonio, Texas for the past almost three weeks.  I’m working down here till December so I’ve had to make some adjustments in my life.  When I first got here I had internet at work, but not at the apartment.  That meant that the blog posts had to be put on hold while I got adjusted.  Finally I found a solution.  I tried dealing with the local cable company, but not a great experience.  Through the magic of modern technology I got one of those USB modems so I can log in anywhere since it’s like a cell phone connection.  It’s a relief to have this part of my life back.

The separation from my practice of writing was difficult because I kept thinking the thoughts, but was only sharing them with myself.  The Pilgrim Pathway/Surviving Strong part is so integrated in my life that the disruption caught me off-guard.  I’ve felt a bit off-balance, so now I can get back to things as I knew them.  It’s a lot like after an illness diagnosis.  The things you love to do, to eat, etc. may have to be put on the back burner for a bit.  The body, mind, and spirit all need time to adjust to this new event.  For many of us with an illness, our body-mind-and spirit find a happy meeting place and balance begins to be restored.

You may have a period of grieving if you can’t do something you love, or eat the food you used to love, so what are you going to do in their place?  Are there foods you enjoy that you tolerate?  If so, eat them on a regular basis.  If you don’t have the physical stamina to go to the gym find gentler movements, visualization, or some other activity (check with your doctor before doing this so you don’t harm yourself).  For me, I’ve been keeping a journal about my San Antonio experience.  It will be something to look back upon down the road.  For now it’s simply a record of my experience.

I know that you may feel like there are missing pieces to the whole, but sometimes we have to make substitutions.  When we do find those substitutions I hope you’ll honor the new experience and welcome it into your being!