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Gotta Get It Out

Welcome to Art and Healing Wednesday!!

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks down here in San Antonio (my temporary home), every day seems to bring a new experience.  I went to the First Friday Art Walk and that was terrific.  Lots of talented artists and crafts people showing their work, makes my heart sing.

I’m taking the bus to and from work and yesterday was my first day with that adventure.  There are as many stories as there are people and whether you want to or not, you become an observer.  Even though it’s real life for people, I believe for those around watching it’s almost like performance art.

That’s what I’m understanding more and more that health is related to science, but life is related to art.  The form of the art doesn’t matter, what matters most is the need to be full expressive. 

Being totally expressive means being willing to share your story with the world.  As you know from the books in the stores, the movies, and songs (especially country songs) life doesn’t always work out pleasantly.  You, as someone who is facing your own challenge the need to express is huge. 

One of the things I’ve been honored to witness in my twenty plus years of working with individuals and families facing a chronic or life-threatening illness is that there are as many emotions as there are colors in the Crayola Crayon box.  We’re complex human beings and the tapestry that is our life is colorful, textural, and melodic.  Every emotion and every thought has an artistic equivalent.

I’ve been writing in a couple of journals since I’ve been here because I’ve got to capture the stories of San Antonio.  I’ve got to breathe in the San Antonio culture while I’m here and see how that meshes with my own life experience.  I hope to be of service while I’m down here to some hospital or health organization (if you know of any please pass on my info).

That’s for letting me get it out.  Now I want you to go and get it out. Go sing, dance, paint, write, no matter your choice.  GET IT OUT!