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If Michael Kors Said It…It Must Be True

Welcome to Art and Healing Wednesday (Plus 1 day…it really is Thursday)!!!

If you’ve been following the blog for a while you’ll know that there are certain reality shows that catch my attention.  I particularly drawn to those that have an artistic bent like “Works of Art”, “Top Chef” and all its incarnations, and of course “Project Runway”.  Every so often Project Runway replicates a challenge because it really allowed the designers to showcase their talents and bring their voice forth to the world.  The challenge I’m talking about is the one where they designers, utilizing the HP TouchSmart Computer, create their own fabric and then showcase that fabric n the design.

As is customary the designers were asked about the fabric they created.  Mondo Guerra, one of the most if not the most creative on the show, created a fabric and told the judges it had a story.  Nina Garcia, probably prompted by the producer,she said, “I’d really like to know the story”.  Then with a deep breath he explains that the design is plus signs and that he’s been HIV+ for the past 10 years.  Graciously and the most caring I’ve ever seen Nina Garcia, she thanked him for telling the story.

When the judges were discussing the designs Michael Kors turned to the other judges and said, “You have to work with the difficulties (his HIV+ status).  The difficulties won’t stop him; they’ll propel him.”  That was it, the nugget we were all meant to get and it came from all people, Michael Kors.  See creative people like Michael Kors and you understand that the challenge is in telling your story authentically and creatively.  It’s about utilizing the events in your life to express yourself fully and with utmost clarity.

When I heard Michael Kors talk about how this challenge (Mondo’s health challenge) would propel him, I began thinking about all of you with your own gifts and talents.  I started imagining you reading this post, listening to the pearls of wisdom from Michael Kors, and sending me ( pictures of your creative expression.  Don’t ever think it has to be museum quality.  Your creative expression simply has to come from the heart.  It needs to tell your story and believe it or not your story will resonate with many others.

I’m continually inspired by your creative expressions on coping with a chronic or other life-altering illness.  I hope you’ll continue to share your stories through creative expression!!