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Your Life and Times Square

Times Square in New York is larger than life (don’t you think that’s a funny expression?  How can anything be larger than life?   Just my observation…let’s go with it!).  There’s a lot of activity, lots of people from all around the globe, lots of neon lights, and of course the billboards.  Those 40 foot advertisements for underwear, fashion, perfume, broadway shows, and anything else geared at getting dollars out of your pocket.  Many sitcoms have made reference to the 40 foot billboards and how they accentuate parts of a models body…remember, sex sells.  So what if your life were on a billboard in Times Square.

If your life were on a billboard, just like the models everything is magnified.  Aspects of your life become accentuated.  There’s more room to show various aspects of your life.  What would you want the world to see?  How have you been living your life since your diagnosis that you want to share with the world?  What passions, aside from getting better or well, have been ignited?  What connections have been made or revitalized in your life that bring a sense of connection?

There is nothing larger than life itself.  Your life is all you have and when you feel it’s threatened in any way, shape, or form you take action to mitigate the threat.  How would you design the billboard?  What is most important to you since your diagnosis?  What would be your catch-phrase or tagline?  These are important aspects to consider because the world is watching and we want to experience the essence of YOU.  Are there lessons you’ve learned about yourself since your diagnosis that you wish you’d learned prior to the diagnosis?  Are you experiencing the world differently than you were before the doctor said, “I’m sorry to tell you but…?”

When you look up in Times Square and see the billboard of your life, there will be two experiences; your experience of creating the message and my experience of seeing the billboard.  I hope the message you’re sending is message I’m receiving is the same; that life is precious and worth fighting for, that change is possible especially when it’s to improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and the rest of the world wants you to be seen and heard?

I’d love to see your billboard…create it and send it to me at