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If Naomi Judd Said It…It Must Be True!

It helps  to hear words of wisdom from people we know and people we like.  If you’re a country music fan, even if you’re not, you probably know the name Naomi Judd.  Naomi Judd is the mother of Wynona and Ashley Judd, a true entertainment dynasty.  Naomi Judd retired from performing when her health was dwindling after being diagnosed with Hepatitis C.  She had been a nurse earlier in her life and knew she had to focus on her health in order to get better.

Last week she and her daughter Wynona were on Oprah.  They were discussing their lives individually and together as they begin a tour together.  When discussing their relationship with their therapist in the audience, she uttered these words of wisdom, “You have to be invitational not confrontational.”

I heard these words and was surprised at how it rang bells in my heart and soul.  I’ve been sitting in room facilitating groups for those facing chronic and other life-altering illnesses for over twenty years and it’s always about defeating the illness.  There are many references to combating the illness and it being a war and for many that works…it’s certainly confrontational.

As I sat and let Naomi Judd’s words sink in I thought about how does being confrontational help me and my health?  I invite you to ask yourself the same question; I believe the internal answer may surprise you.  Next I began wondering what would my life be like if I became “invitational”.  Being “invitational” means inviting health and wellness into my life.  Becoming more conscious of health promoting behaviors and partnering with my body on its journey to wellness.

I started listening more closely to the internal dialogue always chattering away, and found the idea of being “invitational” to be comforting.  As I begin this practice I’m finding myself feeling less tense, more peaceful, and more proactive.  Being “invitational” allows me to be on the offensive side instead of the defensive side of the coin.  I believe your body, mind, and soul will have more energy for health and healing if you’re “invitational”.

Don’t take it from me…take it from Naomi Judd who is taking on the challenge of a music tour that includes long hours, lots of travel on a bus with others in close quarters, and everyone wanting her attention.  If she’s going to be “invitational” to health and healing she’ll need to carve out time for herself and allow her body to rest, and honor the body as the temple it is!