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The Year Comes to a Close

Happy New Year’s Eve!!

Can you believe it’s the last day of the year?  I’ve certainly experienced the phenomenon of every year going by faster and faster and it’s a bit alarming.  We’ve just past the holidays and now everyone is gearing up for that big celebration and the ball in Times Square dropping at midnight in hopes of starting fresh.  Can we really start anew simply by a Waterford crystal ball coming down a pole in the middle of New York?  Do you really want to start fresh on January 1st and if so what would that look like?

When you think of starting fresh I hope you look at various areas of your life.  Ask yourself in the new year, “If I can start fresh I would like to achieve xyz goal.”  If that doesn’t tickle your fancy then how about, “If I can start fresh on January 1, I’d like to feel (this way) in the new year.”  So it’s clear that it’s not simply about eating better or getting more rest.  What we have to remember is that starting new doesn’t erase what has happened until this moment.  It’s not like you can erase the day of diagnosis or any other health challenge you’ve had through the year. 

It does mean that instead of trying to achieve something you can make shifts so you life a bit differently.  It can be as simple as increasing the number and times you say please and thank you.  It can be as easy as writing a note to a friend.  I sent a friend a snail mail holiday card and she was so excited because everything is going electronic.  She said to me, “It meant you had to think of me more than 30 seconds ago.”  That’s a big statement and obviously had a big impact.  It means you are acknowledging your relationships and connections.

I’d like to believe that I’ll go to the gym more in the new year, but to make it a goal is only self-defeating, even though I know the benefits.  I can more consciously cook healthier using better oils, less animal fat, and more veggies (love those veggies).  I can find more heart healthy recipes and that’s an activity that I love and has tremendous health benefits.  I can share more meals with friends and that alone increases the activity in your immune system. 

Don’t make it difficult.  Don’t make it something that’s either successful or a failure.  Don’t start something that’s so not in your line of vision that it’s a stretch and not very enjoyable.  Don’t live by anyone’s expectations. 

Do put yourself on the list.  Do think of how each action impacts your journey to wellness.  Do increase the amount of time you spend with those who are special in your life.  Do be more creative and expressive.

I wish you a wonderful 2011.  I hope that in the new year you’re feeling better.  I hope that we can develop a closer relationship in the coming year!