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What Color is Your Parachute?

Welcome to Art and Healing Wednesday!!

Richard Nelson Bolles wrote the famous book on finding a job titled, “What color is your parachute”.  It gets updated every year and has been a help to millions who are looking for work or looking to change careers.  As an artist I think of that title in an entirely different fashion.

When I hear “What color is your parachute” I think of color like a box of Crayolas.  It makes me start to think about what colors do I use or am I drawn to based on my mood.  How do I use color to influence my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being?  How can color help me on my path to health and healing?

I’ll add one more dimension to the discussion because I’m a textile artist and for me, its color and texture.  Different fabrics or treatments change the feel of the fabric and allows me to express my personal and artistic point-of-view.  It’s the point-of-view when expressed makes me feel heard. 

If you’re not sure what colors you’re drawn to simply open up your closet and see what color(s) you generally wear.  I’ve got a lot of brown in my wardrobe, but I also have a lot of warm colors.  Most of my t-shirts are red, orange, and yellow.  I like heat, not only in temperature, but in the intensity with which I live my life.

I like punches of color because I like hidden treasures or surprises.  I’ll wear an outfit that’s all grey and black with a sunshine yellow t-shirt peaking through.  I do the same thing with my art.  Over the years my palette has changed and I’m finding that my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being is represented in the colors I’m using.  I generally stick with a color palette for a while so I can tell the entire story. 

When you think about what color helps ease your landing when you’re falling what would it be?   What colors would you like to incorporate into your life that will promote health and healing?  How would you like to use color to promote the stimulation of your immune system?  What do you want to tell the world about the color that is your parachute?

Let me know because I love color and I definitely believe it can enhance and enrich your life on all levels.