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Roadside Assistance

There are many places like big box stores, warehouse stores, and auto supply stores that sell emergency roadside assistance kits.  It’s one of those things I keep telling myself to get for the car, but for now at least I have AAA.  One of the components of that kit is a set of jumper cables.  It’s probably one of the most used and requested items when people are stuck, aside from equipment to fix a flat tire.  As we know, jumper cables allow you to give your depleted battery a boost from another car.  The question I have is in your life, who serves as your jumper cable?

Following the diagnosis of a chronic or life-threatening illness, it’s not unusual to feel depleted for more than just physical reasons.  Compiling information about your diagnosis and treatment, researching treatment advances, and keeping up with your treatment regimen can be exhausting.  When you add this mental exhaustion to emotional and spiritual exhaustion it can be overwhelming.  The most difficult part is that you have to keep on truckin’ despite the depletion in physical and internal resources?

What gets your battery recharged?  How can you jump-start your journey to health and healing?  Who or what stimulates your body, mind, and spirit?  This is really important because in order to get better or well you need to be running on all engines.  The mind-body connection needs fuel to keep you going and to provide the body with the reinforcements it needs for health and healing.

We all have different strategies for jump-starting our battery so taking notice of what gets you charged is important.  Do you recharge alone or around people?  Do you recharge doing something physical or more internally centered?  Do you recharge being creative?  It doesn’t matter what serves as your jumper cable as long as you identify it and begin using it to your benefit.  This is a time when you can’t utilize other’s methods for recharging because our individual nature doesn’t allow us to utilize another’s recharge method as a universal fit.

Please share how you recharge your battery and let’s give our sharing community a jump-start!