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Living Life Like a Sponge

We go through life having one experience after another. They mount and the experiences build upon one another giving us a plethora of resources. Our brains are magnificent organs and they serve as the command center of our world. However, there are times in our lives, especially during times of stress that we can’t retrieve the information we need. The truth is that stress impacts our absorption process.

When we face adversity our first inclination is to gather information. We seek out every resource possible hoping to find answers to our questions. Our search reaches far as we try to alleviate the anxiety that often accompanies a challenge of any type. Facing a chronic or life-threatening illness certainly qualifies as one of life’s great stressors.

There is an enormous amount of information about illnesses and treatments. Technology has made it possible to access research studies, anecdotal evidence, and even support groups without leaving your home. Every source you access adds to the amount of information you’re absorbing and need to process. The problem is that we’re really good at absorbing information, but not so good at sifting through the information.

It’s clear we live our lives like a sponge, but when are we taught to wring out the sponge? We can only benefit from the information we collect if we’re able to discern what’s critical for health and healing, instead of having too much clutter and missing what can benefit you the most. Wringing out our sponge gives us the opportunity to collect new information and experiences. If we’re saturated then we often experience fatigue, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Health and healing is an evolving process. It requires that we continually expand opportunities for new experiences and information. Giving yourself the gift of possibility honors your health and healing journey. It provides you with a sense of hope because seeking answers to questions keeps you engaged in your healing pilgrimage.

What can you wring out making room for new information and experiences? If you’re feeling overwhelmed what can you wring out of your soul, the living sponge, to make room for what’s pertinent and inspiring?

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