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It’s amazing to think about what our last words on this earth may be because it’s the last time we’ll make a conscious decision about our action (on this plane). So what did Mickey Rooney leave as his epitaph? “I Tried!!!”

Can you think of anything more powerful in this world than being able to say you tried? Our lives are given meaning by our stories and not every story has a happy ending. However, every story has a beginning, middle, and end, and it’s up to us to utilize those stories as we move forward on our personal pilgrimages.

We have to be able to develop the character traits of perseverance and tenacity in our lives. If we try something and it doesn’t reach the ideal ending then giving up may mean it wasn’t that important to you, but simply a whim. I think a lot about this when I think about what our calling in life is and how it plays our in everything we do and create.

Personally I know I keep trying every time I write a post. I can’t think of anything more important or satisfying than sharing the lessons I learn along the way to living a positive life following the diagnosis of a chronic or life-threatening illness, or other form of adversity. I get to keep my eyes and ears open for secrets that we can all use to propel us forward on our living story.

It’s important that we keep creating stories. Our stories are compilations of every experience we have, and every person we meet. They are derived from genetics, our environment, and the Universe. We get to create personal recipes for our lives that become amazing concoctions that we call life.

What have you been trying that needs tweaking? What have you learned about yourself and the process along the way? Are you able to say definitively and without hesitation, “I Tried!!!” If so, then you’re in good company, after all, look at the life Mickey Rooney led….not to shabby.


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