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It’s Time to Be the Quarterback

Once you received your diagnosis did you find that everyone has an opinion?  Did you get bombarded with stories about friends with the same health challenge or anecdotes about stories in the news?  It’s common when people learn you have a chronic or life-altering illness to dig deep and come up with information they believe will help you on your journey to wellness.  I know it’s overwhelming at times when the truth is everyone is simply trying to help.

Once you receive this informal data in addition to all the information you’ve accumulated from your medical team and we can’t forget all the information on the internet it’s time to take action.  This is the time when you put all the information into the pot and distill it into what’s essential.  Upon distilling the information it’s time to call the play. Yes, when you were diagnosed you were promoted from team player to quarterback. 

Perhaps you were the person in the past offering information in hopes of helping a family member of friend through a health challenge, but now the responsibility is yours.  It can be frightening but listening to everyone is beneficial because it allows you to make a choice based on informed consent.  These decisions, although may not work all the time are the best choices because they come from within; that wisdom that comes from knowing your own body, mind, and spirit.

It’s easy to be the one giving advice, but the real work comes when you have to take that advice and craft it into something you believe in that will promote health and healing.  The good part is that new information is becoming available on a daily basis.  Finding a reliable source for updates related to your diagnosis is a great place to start.  I highly encourage you to join the organization devoted to your specific diagnosis.  This is no time for generalities because although illnesses may look similar they all have their specific nuances.

Being the quarterback can be intimidating but having a sense of control over your life is critical to being an empowered patient.  When you’re empowered you’re more inclined  to make choices that work in harmony with your body, mind, and spirit propelling you into the end zone!